GLADIO™ - Small Arms Shooting and Mission Training Systems

GLADIOTM  is an advanced Small Arms Shooting Simulation System for military and police / security operations training. The system can be used for basic shooting skills training up to demanding multiple team tactical mission training in a virtual and safe environment. 


Operational Benefits:

  • Safe and realistic weapon handling drills 
  • Aiming and aiming adjustment drills 
  • Safe & cost effective target shooting practice 
  • Combined usage of various weapon types including pistols, rifles, direct and indirect grenade launchers
  • Realistic influence of ballistic and environmental effects
  • Integration of optical sighting and sensor systems for weapons and team operations
  • High-level tactical decision making and shooting practice
  • Various levels of target vulnerability and behavior 
  • Voice interaction with virtual targets
  • Multiple independent teams coordination shooting and communication via network simulators 
  • Simple to highly complex scenarios 
  • Practically unlimited generic and geo-specific photorealistic 3D databases
  • Easy to use, unlimited scenario building by instructor 
  • Sophisticated debriefing, training management and autoscoring capabilities
  • Objective performance evaluation
  • 24/7 usability for indoor training
  • Safe operation and no environmental impacts
  • Generation and integration of dynamic training environments by PhotoDB


Technical Features:

  • Eye safe precision aim point detection technology
  • Realistic weapon functionality and handling
  • Special recoil technologies including electric recoil systems
  • Weapons handling sensors for evaluation of shooting process
  • Deterministic assessment of individual bullet trajectory and target impact
  • Scenario movement control and navigation
  • Sophisticated photo editor for 3D geo-specific training environments
  • Speech recognition and voice feedback system
  • Optional integrated tactical communication system simulation
  • Modular design and scaleability