Ground Combat Training Systems - Solutions for Ground Combat Tactics & Reconnaissance Training

e.sigma Ground Combat Training Systems are complex simulation systems for crew training of army combat engagement skills including reconnaissance patrols.


 Operational Benefits:

  • Stationary or mobile container solutions
  • Integrated command, analysis and control station with comprehensive instructor tools for complete mission training control
  • Innovative operating concepts for sophisticated simulation challenges
  • Dynamic training with recent communication equipment and simulated malfunctions
  • Individual, crew and combined arms training,
  • Specific gunnery training
  • Mounted and dismounted operations
  • Comprehensive exercise library with a wide range of training scenarios e.g. MOUT, UAV employment, joint fires, situational awareness and contact drills
  • Event driven scenario control and multiple role capability
  • Geo-specific and geo-typical training environment
  • Rich databases with urban structures and dynamic terrain simulation
  • Real-time communication with operational radios
  • Employment and operational use of UAV
  • Easy integration of new reconnaissance assets (remote controlled UAVs, mobile robot vehicles etc.)
  • Open design and HLA interface for future integration of additional simulation systems
  • Capable of being integrated into larger training systems for joint operation tactical fire support


Technical Features:

Realistic Training

  • High-resolution visualization system for realistic training experience
  • Real-time visualization of geo-specific operational areas
  • Comprehensive databases with realistic scenarios
  • Multichannel projection and visualization systems
  • Observation and reconnaissance equipment with day-sight and
    infrared vision
  • Virtual-Reality-Goggles for an extended driver´s view
  • Mobile, wireless vision equipment with integrated orientation
  • Independent sound simulation


State-of-the-art training equipment

  • Direct voice communication between instructor and training participants
  • Training progress management with video surveillance system
  • Real-time exercise control with intermediate analysis
  • Extensive evaluation capability of all events
  • Outstanding ergonomics for comfortable working


System meets future requirements

  • High degree of mobility through container solution
  • Longevity guaranteed by rugged design
  • Extented E-Learning based on standardized learning-platform