Improving mission performance


e.sigma is a specialized supplier of integrated training solutions for international armed forces, security agencies and industrial clients.


e.sigma products:

  • e.TACCS™ – Modular Solutions for Tactical Command and Control Training Systems
  • CBAST™ - Air Traffic Control Training Systems
  • Aviation Applicant Screening Systems
  • Phraseology Training Systems
  • Ground Combat Training Systems
  • GLADIO - Small Arms and Mission Training Systems
  • Joint Fire Support Training Systems
  • C4I Communication Frameworks
  • Advanced Voice Processing Solutions incl. expressive/emotional
    Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine system
  • SOKOL - Parachute Simulators
  • Multispectral Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Systems



  • High performance cost-optimized solutions based on long term experience and a large portfolio of in-house IP
  • High level of standardization and modularity
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Usage of commercial-of-the-shelf-equipment
  • Focus on real-time performance
  • Continuous investment in R&D and product innovation
  • Independence on third party vendors and subcontractors
  • Efficient risk management and certified processes according to accredited standards
  • International partner network for efficient service, support and highest system availability
  • Strong customer orientation, flexibility and outstanding longterm customer relationship
  • Commitment to strong business ethics and compliance regulations


Core competencies:

  • Development, implementation and integration of interactive simulation and training systems
  • Software development
  • Modelling and simulation incl. 3D database generation
  • Mechatronics & electronics
  • Development and manufacturing of prototypes and small series production
  • Image generation and visualization systems
  • Optronic, laser- and sensor systems
  • Communication and voice processing systems
  • IR multispectral target projection systems
  • Subject matter experience for all relevant training areas


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