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e.sigma is a specialized supplier of integrated training solutions for international armed forces, security agencies and industrial clients.


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Tactical Training Systems

Tactical Command and Control Training System.jpg
e.TACCS™ is a tactical command and control training system which simulates warfare operations for the training of Air and Naval Forces.
Projects & Systems
e.sigma Air Traffic Control Systems (CBAST™) are proven and modular solutions for civil and military ATC training requirements. The system architecture allows the scaling of controller, instructor and pseudo pilot positions, as well as tower visual...
The e.sigma Ability Screening System offers a software designed for the psychological tests and screening of pilot applicants.

Ground Combat Training Systems

GLADIO TM is an advanced Small Arms Shooting Simulation System for military and police / security operations training. The system can be used for basic shooting skills training up to demanding multiple team tactical mission training in a virtual and...
e.sigma Ground Combat Training Systems are complex simulation systems for crew training of army combat engagement skills including reconnaissance patrols.
e.sigma Joint Fire Support Training Systems are developed to simulate joint tactical fire support missions. The systems allow to training of operations and coordination of land, naval and air based military forces in a realistic combat environment.

Voice & Communication

e.sigma Advanced Voice Processing Solutions consist of a state-of-the-art voice recognizing framework and an expressive/emotional Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine system. Its combination offers a professional dialog interface to create stand-alone...
C4I Communication Framework.jpg
KOFA™ is a communication system framework for all highly demanding communication needs in a live as well as in a simulated environment. It has unique features to control and create communication channels for voice and data networks with complex...
TV>IP™ - Flexible Multimedia Platform Solution
TV>IP™ is a unique multimedia platform and flexible TV headend solution to stream any source media with the latest encoding technology (H.264, H.265). The media content is delivered over computer networks based on multicast traffic enabling...

Parachute Training Systems

The Parachute Simulator SOKOL ™ is a high-performance e.sigma product and is largely based upon Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) components. SOKOL ™ is currently the only simulation system that offers the entire spectrum of parachute operations...

HiL Simulation Centers

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Systems support virtual prototyping, evaluation of optical sensor systems and fire control systems for tanks, air defense and missiles.