Joint Fire Support Training Systems

Flexible Solutions for Joint Fire, FAC and CAS Training

e.sigma Joint Fire Support Training Systems are developed to simulate joint tactical fire support missions. The systems allow training of operations and coordination of land, naval and air based military forces in a realistic combat environment.


Operational Benefits:

  • Realistic training of joint procedures in a realistic combat environment
  • Training with up to four joint fire support teams in combined missions
  • Simulation of Forward Air Controller (FAC) and Close Air Support (CAS)
  • Tactical communication
  • Training of mounted and dismounted operations
  • Training with realistic devices, e.g. laser target designators, laser range finders, radios and optical devices for an optimum preparation for joint missions in out of area operations
  • Sophisticated debriefing and training management


Technical Features:

  • Realistic replica of joint fire support combat vehicles
  • Realistic replica of joint fire support devices e.g.:
    • Leica VECTOR IV
    • PLDR II
    • NYXUS
    • AN/PRC-148
    • AN/PRC-117
    • SEM-70
    • ROVER
    • etc.
  • Direct image display in optical devices
  • Out of hatch reconnaissance with Helmet Mounted Display
  • Realistic combat scene generation with mission preparation and support capability
  • High-resolution multi channel visualization system for realistic training experience
  • Real-time visualization of geo-specific operational areas
  • Geo-specific databases with real world scenarios
  • Observation- and reconnaissance-equipment with day-sight and infrared vision
  • In-time sound simulation
  • Training progress management with video surveillance system
  • Real-time exercise control with intermediate analysis
  • Extensive evaluation capability of all events
  • Extended E-Learning based on standardized learning platform