CBAST™ - Solutions for Air Traffic Control Training

e.sigma Air Traffic Control Systems (CBAST™) are proven and modular solutions for civil and military ATC training requirements. The system architecture allows the scaling of controller, instructor and pseudo pilot positions, as well as tower visual systems from office-room size to large scale training centers.


Operational Benefits:

  • ATC Training for civil and military applications
  • Comprehensive training of all air traffic control positions
  • Emergency procedure training for air and ground controllers
  • Refresher training
  • Training of emergency situations (air/ground)
  • Primary and secondary radar simulation
  • User-friendly scenario development tools for interactive exercise generation and control
  • Realistic display of physical environment, real-time weather and special effects
  • Classrooms with integrated pedagogical network for Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • ATC Applicant Screening System to test visual and auditory skills, spatial relation and other skills required for ATC
  • Training management system with integrated scoring and evaluations
  • Extensive exercise recording (audio/video/metadata) for replay and debriefing
  • Full debriefing capability for analysis and evaluation


Technical Features:

  • From office environment setup up to fully functional tower cabin replica
  • Temperature and noise shielded tower cabin
  • Navigation aid status displays, weather monitor, lighting panel, crash alarm
  • Paper and electronic flight strips
  • High resolution visualization systems with real time weather and realistic 3D environment
  • Photo-realistic geo-specific databases with more than 30 aerodromes and more than 50 3D models of aircrafts, helicopters and ground vehicles
  • Realistic radar simulation system
  • Scalable architecture for tower and radar positions
  • 3D sound system
  • Communication system with integrated voice recognition system
  • Surveillance cameras to monitor student performance
  • Advanced 3D multimedia techniques and learning modules for CBT lessons
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) based on modern standards and formats