e.TACCS™ - e.sigma Tactical Command and Control Training Systems

e.sigma Tactical Command and Control Training Systems allow large scale tactical training for Air and Naval Forces. e.TACCS™ simulates warfare operations based on a network of radar sensors and communication systems (data link, landline, radio) to simulate tactical requirements for maintaining airspace security, national sovereignty and coordination of offensive and defensive activities.


Operational Benefits:

Tactical Air Command and Control Training:

  • Commander level training for tactical command and control within tailored, mission oriented scenarios and situation developments
  • Master controller level training for tactical battle management of allocated air forces for air policing tasks, up-to the full range of air defence missions
  • Preparation training for tasked/planned operations


Air Mission Control Training:

  • Basic aircraft controller training within developing scenarios, inclusive national procedural training of air policing missions
  • Advanced training and scenario rehearsal for combat ready aircraft mission controller
    • COMAO planning and support in mission execution
    • MFFO training
    • High Value Airborne Asset (HVAA) protection training
  • Preparation training for live-flying exercises


Surveillance Training:

  • Training and scenario rehearsal for track production officer level training and procedural awareness for tactical control of air surveillance assets, tactical data links and establishment of a recognized area air picture and/or a joint situation picture (air, land, surface tracks)


Technical Features:

Establishing a Recognized Air Picture / Joint Situation Picture

  • Management of available surveillance assets (air, sea and land based)
  • Sensor data fusion
  • Multiple radar tracking (single, multiple, manual)
  • Data exchange between participating units and headquarters (Crosstell) via data link simulation
  • Track identification (manual ID; auto ID based on ACO/ATO)


Simulated real-time sensor and data systems

  • Configurable radar systems for fixed, mobile or airborne radar within real-time coverage calculations based on DTED and propagation modeling
  • Radar coverage display for identifying radar gaps
  • Weapon systems, configurable for onboard AG and AA systems as well as SBAD systems with and without radar
  • Data Link 1, 11, 16, and upcoming link simulation


Powerful and scalable console and communication systems

  • Modular and scalable system
  • Latest generation of COTS hardware and software systems
  • Distributed system architecture
  • Powerful and scalable communication system with automatic RT-calls
  • Integrated voice processing system and speech recognition


Sophisticated scenario and exercise management

  • Fully integrated training management system for system administration, user management, scoring and evaluation
  • 3D representation of air and ground scenarios
  • Realistic flight dynamic models and comprehensive weapon library
  • Full range of airspace and naval elements; e.g. navigational aids, airways, prohibited areas etc.
  • Generation of symbol sets (NATO, custom setup etc.)
  • ATO / ACO import and verification
  • Import of realistic background traffic based on ADSB and CIMACT