Psychology-Based Applicant Screening

e.sigma offers a generic approach to provide psychology-approved test scenarios. The qualification screening system assists the selection of candidates in their ability of spacial orientation, multitasking, prioritization and awareness capabilities. The approach is scalable from a flexibly configurable single/ multiple-choice computer-assisted test framework up to a realistic cockpit-based flight scenario evaluation. The system allows psychologists and trainers to define and integrate their own demonstration, training and test scenarios. The integrated assessment software allows a full data driven statistical evaluation approach applying normed distributions to all generated values for an objective evaluation.


Operational Benefits:

  • Single/cooperative test modes for multiple student interaction
  • General qualifying examination
  • Adaption and customization of evaluation process
  • Evaluation of individual UAV skills for pilot/navigator/payload position
  • Communication between applicants and flight-psychologist
  • Expandable and flexible database
  • Configurable reports for objective candidate assessment
  • Extensive functionalities for debriefing and monitoring
  • Ability tests for different applicant assessments
  • Justiciable training procedures
  • High flexibility in test scenario generation
  • Realistic cockpit-environment
  • Networked exercises for multiple user structure


Technical Features:

High performance systems for Pilot Screening and Vienna Tests

  • Scalable system design (monitors to projection system)
  • Economically designed fully functional consoles
  • Pilot Screening System:
    • Robust replicas of cockpits with lockable canopy for noise reduction
    • Comprehensive and realistic flight dynamic models
    • Spherical projection dome with 200° horizontal and 45° vertical
      field of view
  • Vienna Test System:
    • Use of stationary PCs or mobile devices
    • Clear and intuitive user interface
    • Local and decentral test execution and evaluation
  • Multi-functional display with all basic flight instruments, e.g. altimeter, compass, AOA, G-meter, flaps & gear indicators, camera control, UAV control


Powerful and flexible software

  • Based on the international standard of computer-based diagnostic
  • Flexible test editor to create tests according to your needs and
    requirements and for various profiles of qualification
  • Tests configurable to different stress levels and psychological
    testing concepts
  • Powerful communication system
  • Digital recording and storage of complete evaluation scenes
  • Standardization of test contents, test execution and test evaluation
  • High degree of measuring accuracy and high resistance to tampering
  • Error-free, automated and objective test evaluation


Extensive database

  • Geo-specific database with realistic representation of the training area
  • Numerous aerodromes, 3D objects, models and special effects
  • Powerful database generation station