Advanced Voice Processing Systems

e.sigma Advanced Voice Processing Solutions consist of a state-of-the-art voice recognizing framework and an expressive/emotional Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine system. Its combination offers a professional dialog interface to create stand-alone applications utilizing a voice driven command interface and an expressive speech output for enhanced system interactions. The system enables a unique and natural voice interface for procedural trainers including language and phraseology verification capabilities.


Operational Benefits:

  • Natural language command interface
  • Automatic language skill verification
  • Robust non-native recognition
  • Intelligibilty and pronunciation evaluation
  • Customizable domain and phraseology support
  • Realistic expressive limited domain TTS voices
  • Noise robust voice interface suitable for live scenarios


Technical Features:

  • In-house training facilities for optimized results
  • Speaker- and language-independent system
  • Domain-specific recognition optimization
  • More than 16 major languages available
  • Customer API for flexible system integration
  • Dialog Management System for process automation
  • Fast and easy creation system for customizable TTS voices