KOFA™ - C4I Communication Framework

KOFA™ is a communication system framework for all highly demanding communication needs in a live as well as in a simulated environment. It has unique features to control and create communication channels for voice and data networks with complex logic routing requirements. KOFA™ is a IP-based communication system using VoIP standards for efficient data handling and is a pure digital solution to serve various communication demands. Solutions range from TV>IP™ application to real time audio processing control centers.

With TV>IP™ e.sigma offers a unique multimedia platform to stream any source media with the latest encoding technology (H.264, H. 265). The media content is delivered over computer networks based on multicast traffic enabling unlimited access to all streams. The e.sigma software converts all source content from satellite/cable/terrestrial formats as well as graphic outputs and IP content into single multicast streams through server application. The approach is easily scalable by adding additional TV>IP™ servers providing an unlimited number of content channcels to any network connection. Find out more about TV>IP™ in our product sheet.


Operational Benefits:

  • Realistic radio communication simulation
    • jamming, background noise, fading
    • propagation modeling
    • unlimited frequency setup
  • ematrix™ VoIP connectivity / functionality
  • Synchronized recording / debriefing
  • Flexible Channel Monitoring
  • Real time audio and video streaming
  • Standardized command interface (CPDLC)
  • On demand video selection for video wall content
  • Support of virtual roles/positions


Technical Features:

  • API/library for easy customization
  • EUROCAE ED-137 compatible
  • Server/client architecture (COTS products)
  • OS independent realization
  • Low latency audio / video handling
  • Multicast , high data rate video streaming
  • Controller Pilot Data Link Communication stack interface