KOFA™ - C4I Communication Framework

KOFA™ is a communication system framework for all highly demanding communication needs in a live as well as in a simulated environment. It has unique features to control and create communication channels for voice and data networks with complex logic routing requirements. KOFA™ is a IP-based communication system using VoIP standards for efficient data handling and is a pure digital solution to serve various communication demands. Solutions range from TV>IP™ application to real time audio processing control centers.


Operational Benefits:

  • Realistic radio communication simulation
    • jamming, background noise, fading
    • propagation modeling
    • unlimited frequency setup
  • ematrix™ VoIP connectivity / functionality
  • Synchronized recording / debriefing
  • Flexible Channel Monitoring
  • Real time audio and video streaming
  • Standardized command interface (CPDLC)
  • On demand video selection for video wall content
  • Support of virtual roles/positions


Technical Features:

  • API/library for easy customization
  • EUROCAE ED-137 compatible
  • Server/client architecture (COTS products)
  • OS independent realization
  • Low latency audio / video handling
  • Multicast , high data rate video streaming
  • Controller Pilot Data Link Communication stack interface